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The Award Winning

Trinity Players

Amateur Dramatics Group

Winners of the Pantomime Alliance of Leicestershire

Blue Balloon award for best pantomime 2018 and Best Dame 2022!


Trinity Players Amateur Dramatics Group were formed at Trinity church hall, Hinckley in 1989. Our first production staged was a comedy called " Here we come gathering".

34 years on and our family friendly group has gone from strength to strength, still incorporating original members, their children and grandchildren as well as many new faces along the way.

We perform three productions a year, with our adult members staring in our April play and cast members of all ages appearing in our pantomime in December and our variety night in June, much to the joy of all involved.

Rehearsals are held on saturday afternoons and Wednesday evenings, and everyone is welcome to come along to join us.


I still don't know who shot the sheriff, but I had a rooting tooting good time!


Shot in the Rockies review by Tony Parratt for the Hinckley Times.

A ROOTING tooting  ensured that the midsummer mix of songs and sketches performed by the Trinity Players went with a bang.

Shot in the Rockies, a murder mystery set in America's wild west had everything designed to baffle the capacity audience, as  most were left scratching their heads trying to work out who shot the sheriff. But it was all done in the best possible taste , as a mixture of saloon bar owners, tough cattle men - including the man with no name - and travelling news readers informed the crowd at Trinity Hall of their actions.

Featuring most of the regular senior Trinity performers, it was the perfect finale to a packed night of entertainment featuring songs and sketches covering topics as diverse as the travails of budget airline travel to auditioning the leading ladies in a play.

A  particular favourite was Trinity School Nativity where adult members reprised their younger selves and all those cringy moments every parent has experienced when watching their offspring's offerings .

The burning topic of health and safety was tackled in a very over the top way, while The Audition showed us how actors tackle that nerve-racking prospect in very different ways .

The younger members of Trinity where given the task of performing every conceivable panto you can think of in just 15 minutes; and didn't disappoint. Every character you could think of was seamlessly conjured up before our very eyes ,ranging from Cinderella to Idle Jack .

The whole evening was a great family occasion with cast and audience ages ranging from tots to grans and grandads. Compered by the ebullient Andy Johnson it proves that panto can be fun from Christmas to summer.


      Tony Parratt reviews  Dick Whittington for the Hinckley Times.                      Two Good Fairies lent extra magic to this super show


At long last panto is back. Oh yes it is! And with a bang, as the award winning Trinity Players took to the stage to present Dick Whittington. But this was a panto with a difference! Why? Well there were two good fairies in this plot - at least later in the run, there were. Linda Smith as Fairy Bow Bella ensured the magic happened in its usual pantoland way, but when talented Grace Conant, who was playing Alice Fitzwarren, became ill midway through a Saturday matinee performance, Shakira Emery stepped into the breach, despite only watching as a spectator the night before, and carried on for the rest of the run. The plucky lass, who luckily is a drama student, coped superbly to carry it off with aplomb, armed only with a script in hand to ease her through. None of this detracted from a thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable show, where there were laughs galore, great songs and lively dancing. Sasha Hewins-Kane excelled in her role as Dick, the lad out to make his fortune on the gold paved streets of London, while Janine Conant played her employer Alderman Fitzwarren. The hilarious Mark Deer as Sherry Trifle and Jayden Broomer as his son Jack formed a fine comedic duo, while Francine Gardner was a very believable Shadow, Dick Whittington's cat. Evoking plenty of Boos and hisses was Sefton Winslade as conniving King Rat, aided by his rat pack of Deano (Maureen Quittenton), Sammy (Richard Gurney), Martino (Marnie Michaelis-Parratt) and Junior (Joel Henderson). Steering the whole ship along was Fiona Gurney as Captain Rock Ee and Liz Haigh as First Mate Chips. Adding flavour to it all were Sally Whiston as Salt and Amy Tyrell as Pepper, while bringing in the exotic were Kaye Leadbetter as Sheik Onnit and Joshua Matheson and Charlie Hill as Donna and Shish Kebab respectively. One slight quibble was that at two and a half hours some of the younger members of the audience may have found it a little too long, but in a cast of all ages, everyone had their chance in the spotlight and earned the very well deserved applause they were given.

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