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At rehearsals on saturdays and wednesdays, costumes are made and fitted, scenery is painted and props are constructed, alongside the production cast rehearsing.

We are always in need of costume makers, scenery painters, technical support with lighting and sound, behind scenes assistance, as well as actors and directors.

Our annual membership is £6 per adult, £3 per child or £12 per family

with subs payable for each rehearsal of £1 per member.

We would love to hear from anyone interested in helping in any way, You will be made most welcome in our family friendly group.



Andy Johnson


Phone: 07305347134



Ticket Enquiries

Lynn Bradley

Email :

Phone: 01455 440954

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see what our cast would rather do

"if they were not in pantomime"

TheTrinity Centre

Marchant Road




Watch our youtube clip to see how to pack the stage and set away in record time.

1 hour and 45 minutes compressed into 6 minutes.

our award winning decorating scene


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Covid 19 Risk assessments for Trinity Players rehearsals,Marchant Road Hinckley .

****If you or a member of your household displays Covid 19 Symptoms you should stay away from the group, should seek a test ASAP and

self-isolate. ****


Key points


Keep Covid out of the rehersal room

•Do not attend if you have symptoms

•Hand sanitize on entry

•Socially distance queue on arrival /stagger arrival times if necessary

•Wear masks or face shields when not performing

•1 metre plus seating arrangement  all facing the same way

•Extra cleaning of high touch points

•Hand sanitizer in each bubble

•Ventilate rooms and prop open internal doors

•Quiet rooms to reduce the need for raised voices

•Self service /electronic subs

•Bring your own refreshments

•E-mail to all members of expectations

•Do not bring anything un-necessary

•No sharing of chairs, phones or personal equipment and scrips

•Shorter / fewer rehearsals

•Clean equipment used. minimum costume and props


To contain any outbreak

•Track and trace details kept for 21 days after each rehearsal

•report any symptoms after a rehearsal


To reduce social contact

•Rehearse in fixed bubbles

•Sit 2 metres apart or 1 metre with mitigation (mask wearing)

•2 metres separation  on stage where possible and definitely during singing

•Sit facing the same way

•One person to use the toilet at any time

•No visitors

•Close contact on stage kept to a minimum,back to back or side to side where possible

•Directors to wear face shields


**** In an emergency social distance does not need to be maintained but on reaching a point of safety everyone should sanitise their hands and resume social distancing ****


Covid 19 Officer is Lisa Merry who is responsible for risk assessments, reasonable behavior in respect of Covid 19 , bubbles and reporting to PHE.


Our next play is Mixed Nuts by local playwright Wayne Roberts

        7th - 9th April 2022

Please do not attend if you have any Covid-19 symptoms